What We Do

Experts collaboratively working with you to deliver your goals.

Delivering against our brand promise

Our services are built on delivering against our brand promise, we have expertise in knowing what works for our clients. We can collaborate with them whilst keeping the downside risk to a minimum.


A company in the first stage of its operations, typically founded by one or more entrepreneurs who want to develop a product/service they believe is in demand.

We find that some start-ups grow quicker than expected and entrepreneurs recognise that commercially it’s more viable to do what they do best and outsource the rest.


As the business continues to do well it will move into the growth phase.

Thought will need to go into having a plan to create a flexible operating model to support growth.

In our experience, this includes scaling with new clients, building an online presence and starting to build a team.


With a flexible operating model in place ready to introduce multiple income streams and new products/services the next stage is expansion. At this point business owners step up a gear and implement plans to scale their business.

We can help by ensuring that the way the business operates on a day to day basis is documented and where possible automated.

In our experience this is about protecting a business against any people issues further down the line.


Once the foundations are in place it’s about overseeing the day to day running of the business, continually reviewing and evolving and implementing improvements.

With responsibility for strategic activities like training, recruiting and managing ongoing improvements to the business.

We have experience of identifying challenges that can develop into threats, taking relevant action and making sure future risk is kept to a minimum.

Our Values

Values are really important at Wendy Johnstone Ltd, it’s not only about the way we work with our clients but the way we work with each other.

We always make sure that we work within our values which are to:

  • Use “integrity” in our dealings with clients, colleagues and ourselves
  • Be “passionate” about growing and fulfilling our clients and our own business goals
  • Work transparently with a “collaborative” open attitude and manner
  • Be fully “responsible” for providing a dependable service that is “supportive” and provides freedom
  • Build long-term “relationships”

Who do we work with?

Wendy Johnstone Ltd is based in St Ippolytts, just outside Hitchin in Hertfordshire, the location being just as niche as the service being that there are three different ways to spell St Ippolytts.

We currently work with businesses who are based all over the UK, that’s the beauty of being virtual, the benefit being that we experience working with different types and size of business.

Here are some of the types of clients we have worked with:

• Learning Professionals
• HR Professionals
• Accountants
• Mortgage Brokers
• Marketing Agencies
• Tendering Companies
• Engineering Companies

We have the ability to be able to step in and partner a business whichever point in the growth cycle.

Would you like to know more?

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