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Smart processes and resourceful people

We design the systems and map the processes you need to function at your full potential. We provide the people to free up your leadership time so you concentrate on your core business. These are two key services for the smaller business, because poor systems and processes will be slowing you down.

Whatever stage your business has reached in the growth cycle, we’ve got the know-how to move you forward. In the early stages, start-ups don’t have the knowledge or time to scope out their needs. More established businesses grind to a halt with their patched-together systems and band-aid solutions. Efficiency is impaired, growth is blocked.

So we’ve developed two services to introduce more profitable free-flowing movement into your business. At the heart of both is relationship-building so we add value right where it’s needed: at the heart of what you do as a business.

Process Mapping

Wendy Johnstone has a corporate background in process mapping which she’s adapted to suit the smaller organisation so they achieve the same powerful results: efficient, streamlined operations with built-in continuous improvement. The direct outcome is saving time and money because staff are motivated to perform precisely what’s needed across the board.

VA Bureau

This is admin assistance when you need it and yes, you are ‘big enough’! We help you identify the tasks so your focus becomes more accurate. The VA Bureau is more than an agency; WJL uses a network of trusted admin specialists who flex to accommodate the peaks and troughs in your workload. This is flexibility and versatility adapting to your businesses needs.

VA Business Set Up

Our knowledge and skill as VAs make it a no-brainer to offer training and advice to budding VAs.

We know that setting up a business – any business – is no easy task but starting out the right way is so important. We want trainee VAs to understand exactly the kind of skills and work ethic that’s required to do the job well. Then, they have an opportunity to join our VA network.

Our People

We have a straightforward offering which is delivered through three professional roles: account manager, project manager and VA. Qualified to fulfil their roles 100%, they all have key complementary skills-sets and come from a variety of backgrounds.

Our Clients

We have clients at a variety of challenging and exciting stages in their life-cycle, where processes and people are critical to success:

Start up: you're in the early stages of development with a small workforce. 'All hands on deck' is the approach while working practices are being created.

Principle challenges at this stage: getting processes in place early on is difficult for the time-poor and budget-tight enterprise. You’re busy creating products and looking for opportunities, with too few people to meet your expansion needs. The result is that everything is a bit too informal…

Growth: a flexible, scalable operating model is beginning to emerge. Systems are being created at operating and support level.

Principle challenges at this stage: the business owner needs to delegate more, especially non-core activities, to give them the freedom to lead. Systems and processes are struggling to keep up with the demand put upon them.

Expansion: this is where new opportunities are leading to different income streams requiring new capabilities.

Principle challenges at this stage: systems and processes need to keep up with expansion so the ‘engine’ of your business can drive you forward. A lot is being asked of some worn out processes and admin support.

Maturity: at this stage, a business must stabilise while continuing to evolve. More than ever the business needs to stay on its toes and be ready to flex in the direction success indicates.

Principle challenges at this stage: continual improvement and that means constantly overhauling your processes and how your admin support is functioning.

Getting your processes and admin support in place, whatever stage you’ve reached, means you can function like a corporate.

Our Values

We stand by every single one of our values. It’s not just about the way we work with our clients but how we work with each other.


  • Integrity in our dealings with everyone – clients, colleagues and suppliers
  • Transparency across the board, demonstrating an open attitude to life and work
  • Responsibility for providing a dependable service that is supportive and liberating
  • Passion and enthusiasm for growing and fulfilling our clients, as well as meeting our own business goals
  • Relationship-building because collaboration delivers results

Case Study:

Annabel, Life Coach: VA client

This is how it often starts at the enquiry stage:

“I think I would like a conversation, although I’m still not sure how to let you help me (note the word ‘let’). It may be that it turns into a discussion of what could be done ad hoc, like travel arrangements, maybe updating Xero. I’m open to exploring and your input based on how you work with other clients.”

We then had a three-way conversation (including one of my account managers) explaining about the various activities we undertake for other clients. Annabel was shocked at the breadth of what essentially, is basic admin work – managing a diary, handling receipts and invoices.

Here is the conversation trail picking up again:

“Thanks Wendy – I’m looking forward to working with you both… and excited about what’s possible for me to let go of.”

After the first month of working with her I called to ask how things were going:

“Yes, I am delighted thank you. I didn’t realise I was carrying a weight on my shoulders until it was taken away by Helen.”

Case Study:

Colin, Learning & Development: process mapping client

Colin bought out a small Learning & Development business:

“My vision was to expand the business by bringing contractors in to deliver the work.”

We worked with Colin to prioritise actions and create end-to-end processes.

Wendy and her team helped me focus on what we do and how. Now, when a client says they want to do a piece of work with us, my contractors follow a step-by-step process that allows them to build and run bespoke courses for very different clients.”

We built processes for support systems too – CRM, and sales-pipeline, marketing (including surveys) and accounting.

“My vision is an exit strategy so Wendy helped me gradually extract myself from the day-to-day so I could concentrate on business development and training new associates.”

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