Enhance your client relationships with a CRM

Training to help you enhance your client relationships with a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

Most business owners miss the value a CRM can bring to their business. We see it time and time again, business opportunities that wouldn’t have been missed be it for one simple tool. What would happen if you weren’t nurturing all your clients in the right way – its simple you wouldn’t have a business.

We want to share the value a CRM can bring to your buiness, these are the operational foundations that all good businesses need.

We understand that tech can be quite daunting, there is so much of it, and, like everything else, a CRM is constantly changing. We want to help you to understand why a CRM is worth a leap of faith into what you may feel is the unknown. Here is what you will understand better:

  • What is CRM software and what a CRM system is?
  • What are the benefits of using a CRM?
  • Why client relationships are important?
  • How to set-up contacts on CRM tools such as ActiveCampaign

Our offer to you:

If you are struggling, we can offer:

  • A 90 min session to help set-up the CRM, ActiveCampaign
    • We were recently contacted by a client who was paying for a CRM, though were not using it. The client had no interest in learning how to use the CRM, they knew that if they did use it, they could better manage their sales process. Firstly we added all the contacts, which were on an Excel spreadsheet, we set-up all the opportunities and then created some simple automations. Lists were added and clients were segmented into types. Once this had been done, a business development process was created and implanted to ensure the pipeline was being kept warm. After 3 months we saw an increase of sales by 40%.
  • External expertise to help to guide and support you
    • You are an expert in your field, if you wanted your accounts creating you would go to an Accountant to ensure they were done correctly. It is the same with process maps.
  • A fresh pair of eyes
    • Our clients are too involved in their businesses to be able to see where improvements can be made. We bring that fresh pair of eyes to help identify opportunities.
  • Help to trigger those lightbulb moments
    • With a fresh pair of eyes, there are likely to be other growth opportunities

Need some help with your CRM?

If you would like to find out more about how we can help you and your business, call Wendy on 0844 995 9976 or complete the form for a call back:

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