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Process Mapping and the VA Bureau

Why and What

We offer two closely related services: Process Mapping and the VA Bureau. Both services are grounded in delivering bespoke business efficiency, empowering you and your business to excel:

  1. Professional Mapping – to make you match-fit and ready to meet your challenges and targets
  2. VA Bureau – flexible, skilled assistance to work as part of your team

Streamlining your processes and using a VA are typical corporate approaches which is why we’ve developed them exclusively for smaller businesses. We’re giving you access to the kind of advantages and leverage that an FT 100 simply takes for granted.

Key elements of WJL’s services are:

  1. Finding your best way to function – no two companies are the same so we discover how you can use processes and people to your best advantage
  2. Having the loyalty of your customers, staff and suppliers in mind every step of the way
  3. Giving you, the business-owner, the opportunity to think and function like a CEO

These are tailor-made solutions for whatever stage of the growth cycle your business has reached.

This is How it Works

There are four stages to our own carefully-designed process across both services:

1. The discovery stage

This is the initial assessment stage to get to know you, whether we are working on process mapping or introducing a resource through our VA Bureau. We use this stage to understand your needs, challenges, and goals, so we can pinpoint the direction you should take. You’ll be amazed at what we uncover, and how we use it to your advantage.

We run freefall sessions that encourage you to get your thoughts flowing. We’re skilled at asking the right questions and spotting the areas in need of attention. If we understand where the bottlenecks are and where the frustrations lie, we can design the solutions. Though your processes enable individual systems to operate, we need to find the overlaps, the linked activities.

2. The chemistry stage

Many of our clients comment on how much they like working with WJL because of the ‘chemistry’ that exists between us. So, finding out the best way of working together as a team, is the next most important task. 

Clearly personality is an important element, but often, a ‘good fit’ boils down to understanding how someone ticks: how they like to work, where we can play to each other’s strengths and be tolerant of our weaknesses. The common factor is the task ahead – pulling apart the processes and re-mapping them, singling out the tasks to be undertaken and how. It’s amazing how quickly our team comes together.

3. The implementation stage

As professional project managers we’re able to get a plan together really quickly. Whether it’s placing a VA or running a comprehensive process-mapping project, we’ll work through the detail, carrying out actions and tasks according to an agreed timeline.

It begins with onboarding our client so they understand how we need to work to achieve the agreed goals. This will include training with the software, apps or platforms that we’ve selected so we can interact on each project. We’ll gather and analyse data and feedback as we go along, making changes and alterations as required. (Our clients have plenty of opportunities to talk to us about progress and provide us with feedback.) We submit final and / or interim reports helping our clients understand the anticipated long term benefits of our work.

4. The health-check stage

The health-check stage comprises an ongoing process of monitoring, adapting and improving as necessary. It’s also a learning and development opportunity for us all. Processes and people change over time, as does the the direction of the business. The value of our Process Mapping and VA Bureau services lies in their organic nature and ability to adapt in line with the needs of our clients and their businesses.

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