Growing a business successfully

Growing a business can feel like running in a hamster wheel for two reasons:

  • You are running at full speed and growing quicker than you ever expected, or
  • You are running fast but feel that you are not getting anywhere

In our experience, the operating style of business owners falls into two groups – they either delegate tasks or complete all aspects of the work themselves. Whichever type you fall into, growing pains in your business can affect you at different stages of your business growth. Be reassured: it’s ok to ask for help. So, when is the right time to consider enlisting support?

Whichever one is a challenge for you, it’s frustrating. You have the strategic vision, big plans and the know how to bring it all to life… and two challenges.

Two big challenges for business owners

Your first challenge will be time and energy – you are rushed off your feet keeping everything going as it is, keeping all the plates spinning. How on earth are you going to fit this in? Now is as good a time as any to be kind to yourself. A good starting place to consider is whether there is room for improvement. Change can make your life easier and will also enable your business to outperform strategically.

Your second challenge is likely to be that you know what you are good at and what you enjoy… and it isn’t making your vision for operations come to life. So where will you find this type of support?

Please be reassured, you are not on your own. It’s a very common headache that is easy to resolve. Most business owners are too close to their business. Our Virtual Support service offers you a fresh pair of eyes to help you gain some clarity.

Ask yourself honestly…

  • Do you spend most of your working week completing day-to-day tasks, allowing no time to think strategically?
  • If you progress the work yourself, do you have the relevant expertise or do you need time to learn? Is this really the most effective way of spending your time?
  • What would your clients say if they knew you were doing the £100 jobs rather the £100K jobs? Furthermore, are you missing out on the £100K jobs, as you’re working on the £100 jobs?
  • Think about the fee that you charge to your clients. It is very likely that it is a lot higher than that of the support you need to enlist help from.

In addition, outsourcing certain aspects of your work can help free up your time to focus on expanding your business.

Work ON growing a business

Imagine that you spend your days working on your business instead of in your business. That you’re sitting firmly in the helicopter seat, flying high over the landscape, assessing how things may impact your business, both present and future.

See yourself no longer getting sucked into the day-to-day operations. Instead, you are in the helicopter being strategic, developing, growing…

We provide relief, support and structure to many business owners and we would like to reassure you that it’s ok to ask for help – you are not on your own. Furthermore, the benefits when teaming up together can help relieve the growing pains in your business.

Supporting Your Business Operation

How does a virtual support team provide you with more time and greater clarity?

Starting with your vision, we will document your current processes to help to understand what is needed. This helps your business operation to remain sustainable and efficient throughout expansion. We enable you to stop working in your business and to work on it, being strategic and overseeing the business. To support this we create processes and operating procedures that have the ability to expand and facilitate faster growth.

In the same vein, to support our systems and process work, we will also look at business risks and the organisational structure, understanding what will need to be resourced in the future and how.

Winning back Time

Building an operation for your business is a journey, some business owners want to take that journey at pace though others a little slower. We become your trusted partner, slowing down your hamster wheel and helping you to achieve your business goals.
Even better – we resolve a challenge that every owner has, we win back some much-needed time for you. You choose how you use that precious time… to drive the business forward… or maybe to enjoy some well-deserved ‘down time’.

You will see from our values that it’s not only about how we work with our clients, but also how we work as a team. Relationships are super important to us. Yes, we’re an outsourced unit, however we operate seamlessly with you and your team and are passionate about achieving your business goals.

Would you like your hamster wheel to slow down? Would you value some extra time and clarity for your business?

Achieve your business potential

Every business needs an injection of professional operational support at some point. A crucial time is when your business is growing fast. Working together, we will help you to achieve your business potential and win you some valuable thinking and planning time.

We offer an expert understanding of operational needs, creating, honing and managing processes to achieve greater business success. Our flexibility and ‘can do’ attitude enable us to fit into any team quickly and easily.

Plus, our Virtual Operations support ensures that your operational infrastructure keeps up with your exciting business growth, quickly and efficiently. We thrive on helping businesses to achieve their goals, as well as supporting business owners with well thought-out processes and trusted working relationships.

Is it time that you stepped off the wheel, leaving your frustrations behind?

We’ve helped many businesses to achieve their goals, supporting the business owner. Could we help you achieve your business potential?

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