WJL Process Assessment Tool

Improve your processes using our assessment tool

Welcome to our Process Assessment Tool. It’s designed to help you:

  1. Assess which of your processes need improving, and where
  2. Plan your process improvements in the most efficient way
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Why assess your processes?

Processes always need updating. The trick is to do this on a regular basis so the process continues to work. A useless process will harm your customers, employees and, therefore, your business. Relevant processes make things happen faster, with less bother and more satisfaction.

Updating and improving your processes are vital tasks which is why created our Assessment Tool. It will encourage you to ask yourself 4 key questions:

  1. Do your processes help you get where you (and your customers) need to be?
  2. Are they integral to getting a job done properly?
  3. Do you and your employees ‘half use’ your processes because it’s out of date?
  4. Have your employees been involved in creating the processes they’re expected to use?

We are process mapping specialists

We are Wendy Johnstone Ltd, helping small-medium sized businesses map out their processes. Together with our client teams, we work out the individual steps necessary for their processes to work in a concise and straightforward way. Assessing performance and relevance is built-in, so the team is always confident their processes are fit-for-purpose.

The WJL Process Assessment Tool is based on our experience as process specialists.

How to use the WJL assessment tool

Simply download our assessment tool, and follow the instructions. There are 2 stages and you can assess as many of your processes as you like. (Remember to include the right people in the exercise.)

If you don’t feel confident doing this yourself, or if our tool reveals some issues you’d like help fixing, then do get in touch, and let’s see where we can help.

Need Some Help with the Tool
or Your Processes?

Call: 0844 995 9976 or email: action@wendyjohnstoneltd.co.uk

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