Effectively manage risks that could end your business

Training to help you create an emergency one pager from start to finish

We speak to so many business owners who, when we ask about business risks, they haven’t given them consideration. It’s frightening really that there are things that could happen that could have a detrimental effect, though these have never been planned for.

We want to help owners to understand the different types of business risks and how they can create an emergency one pager to mitigate them. We believe this is so important to ensuring your business is protected for the future.

We understand this is quite daunting, in our experience here are the common points we want to help you to understand:

  • What is a business risk and why is risk management important?
  • The seven types of business risk and the types of risk management involved with each
  • What risk management system and plan you need?
  • What is an emergency one pager?
  • What does an emergency one pager contain?

Our offer to you:

If you are struggling with how to manage risk in business, we can offer:

  • A 90 min session to create an emergency one pager
    • We were in this position ourselves a few years back. Our owner Wendy found out that she needed to have an operation and some time out of the business. Sucker punch, who was going to run the business on a day-to-day basis whilst she was out? It was a big dilemma, as not only where their clients but there were other team members too. I must note this is not an unusual circumstance to be in, it’s a common challenge for business owners. Luckily Wendy had time to decide, setting up and implementing an emergency one pager and nominated deputy within her team. Wendy’s nominated deputy was a member of her team who would step up as and when Wendy needed her to. By implementing this Wendy eradicated her sleepless nights.
  • External expertise to help to guide and support you
    • You are an expert in your field, if you wanted your accounts creating you would go to an Accountant to ensure they were done correctly. It is the same with managing business risks effectively.
  • A fresh pair of eyes
    • Our clients are too involved in their businesses to be able to identify risks to their business. We bring that fresh pair of eyes to help create an emergency one pager and make sure your buiness is protected.
  • Help to trigger those lightbulb moments
    • A great example of this is our own experience highlighted in the example above.

Need some help?

If you would like to find out more about how we can help you and your business, call Wendy on 0844 995 9976 or complete the form for a call back:

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