One of the things that I have been really passionate about during my time as a business owner is supporting working mums. I find it truly distressing to hear about the amount of women who have had really great corporate careers, then they decide to start a family and either struggle to go back to work or they go back to work and end up compromising their role as mum.

Why do working mums struggle to go back into work?

Well it’s simple, there are a limited number of companies who offer truly flexible roles that will allow women to continue to work and look after their family.

And why should they need to compromise their role as mum?

I have seen it many times, working mums who decide to condense a full-time role into 4 days per week and then just end up working on their day off because the business needs it, with many ending up working more hours than contracted in the first place. Or mums who hire a nanny to allow them to pursue a career and as a result they end up sacrificing precious time with the children as they grow up.

As a result you end up seeing mums who don’t see their family or those that don’t get the opportunity to use their skills and talent that they have worked hard to achieve, which is really sad. For me it highlights some of the challenges of being a working mum and how difficult it can be to spin all those plates evenly.

Why should working mums have to choose?

I have to say that it does feel like we are still living in the dark ages, why are women not able to successfully have both? I think this is one of the main reasons why we see the number of people going self-employed rising year on year. Eventually the only losers will be the corporates who just don’t want to move with the times.

We are missing out on utilising such a great pool of talent and all because there is a lack of truly flexible roles that can work around raising a family.

One of the biggest positives of all this is that I consider businesses like my own to be highly successful because we value working mums for their skills and experience. We are proud to be able to offer highly talented flexible resource which exceeds our client’s expectations. For me it would be a no brainer to welcome a working mum into your team.

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