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It makes perfect sense for WJL to offer training and advice to budding VAs. Our VA Bureau places high performing assistants in role to non-corporate business owners. So we know exactly the kind of skills and strong work ethic that’s required to assist an executive, freeing them up to do what they do best. We started by running training courses on Facebook, now our VA Business Set-Up is a major offering for WJL.

The VA marketplace is a cluttered one, and definitely uneven in terms of quality. Our VA Business Set-Up service trains people on running a successful operation so the small-medium sized business world has access to corporate-level assistants.

Be the Best VA Possible

We know all about the value that a VA can add to a business – any business. The personal, or executive, assistant is a much-valued role in the corporate world, and with good reason. If today’s executive is busy doing their own admin and all the organisational tasks surrounding their role, how are they able to concentrate on their real job? Earning their keep applies to all executives, not just those in the corporate world.

Our skill within our VA business set-up package, lies in being crystal clear about where and how a VA fits into a business.

Be Clear on Your Value as a VA

Essentially, you’re managing a portfolio of clients, working for them as required, and earning an agreed fee for the tasks you undertake.

A good VA takes the role of ‘assistant’ very seriously. It means assuming complete responsibility for a range of key tasks – running their client’s schedule, managing events, making travel arrangements… It also means working together as a team, collaborating on tasks and interacting through various platforms and apps.

Being ‘virtual’ gives both you and your client a degree of flexibility as well as a financial benefit. It facilitates your ability to work for a selection of clients while ensuring they don’t have to provide a work space for you. Your client only pays for the time you spend on their account leaving you free to work for others. Working off-site rather than at your client’s office takes a bit of getting used to – for both of you – so building and rewarding trust is really important.

Make a Living Out of Being a VA

Setting up as a VA and working for different clients from home is a great business idea. We believe that as a VA, you’re providing a really valuable service. Essentially, you’re running a business that frees up other people to run theirs.

It means being super organised yourself and that’s where we can help. Apart from VA services, WJL is a process-mapping specialist, making businesses more efficient in how they operate. So, our VA Business Set-Up will help you with these core skills:

  • Organisation: being good at admin is a must – schedule management, fielding calls, making travel arrangements, etc
  • Knowledge: being resourceful, understanding a range of technology, software and apps
  • Communication skills: working with people, and representing your clients as their right-hand person
  • Time management: being a VA to more than one client and juggling their very different needs
  • Business sense: running your own empire, setting up your pricing structure, keeping on top of new technology, abiding by GDPR…

One of the key things we stress is that VAs are assistants not specialists. We warn our clients not to pass ‘any and every’ task to their VAs, regardless of their suitability. For example, putting a VA in charge of writing content and posting on social media is as mad as getting them to run the production line or design new service features.

The emphasis is upon ‘assistant’ so we’re very clear about VAs needing a brief in order to properly assist. As people-providers and process-mappers, we’re very clear on the difference between developing new skills and taking on too much. Setting boundaries and managing expectations is important for both the VA and their client.

What Does the VA Business Set-Up Involve?

Our VA business set-up essentially nurtures you through the following 3 areas:

  1. Gaining business knowledge and the right VA skill set
  2. Setting up your business properly right from the word go
  3. Marketing your business and finding the right people to work with

These are your value-added VA outcomes:

Gaining business knowledge and the right VA skill set

  • Developing your skills and learning how to make yourself an invaluable VA
  • Become self-employed and juggling clients
  • Communication and relationship-building skills
  • Keeping on top of software, platforms and apps – Microsoft Office, Xero, Calendy, etc

Setting up your business

  • Choosing the right legal structure for you – is sole trader or limited company right for you?
  • Compliance – what you need to have in place such as registering with the information commissioner (GDPR) and the inland revenue (HMRC )
  • Deciding on your particular service offering and how to structure your fee
  • Choosing the right equipment and technology

Marketing your business

  • Creating your brand identity – the content strategy and visual assets you need to promote your business
  • Establishing the right online presence – website, key social media platforms – and using your media wisely
  • Finding the right clients

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