Spinning too many plates and not enough time to allow you to do what you do best?

Struggling with how business has taken over your life and not in a positive way?

How would it feel to make more money and save time? To grow the business into something bigger than it is today?

We find that a learning and development business, being creative, has so many ideas to grow the business, but they are struggle on their own with where they are currently, versus where they want to be. Moving to where they want to be is the ambition though they just feel overwhelmed and out of their depth.

Here are some of the challenges that we hear from learning and development businesses;

  • Challenge 1 – I am having to work evenings outside of delivery just to keep on top of my diary!
    • Consider a VA who could complete time consuming tasks like managing your diary. Its far easier booking bundles of coaching sessions in at the outset, than as you go along
  • Challenge 2 – I want to move from running workshops to programmes. I have the content, but I do not have the time to set-up/oversee the component parts
    • We offer affordable pay-as-we-work Prince2 qualified project managers with experience in learning programmes. We can manage this for you to create the best learning experience along with increasing spend per client
  • Challenge 3 – I love talking to clients about what we do though I am constantly getting pulled into operational matters
    • As experienced Operations Managers we have created processes for managing workflow. Once processes are set-up we can also manage this on a day to day basis too
  • Challenge 4 – I am growing my business by implementing an associate model. My problem is that I don’t have the time, energy or skills.
    • We are experts at setting up associate models, we can partner with you to get everything implemented so that you don’t need to worry.

We regularly work with L&D clients, the reason being that they know we have experience in their field, and we get it. We offer a bespoke service which is tailored to their needs and their budget, which means it’s easy and affordable. Have you ever considered the benefits of outsourced support?

Why do I need a virtual resource?

Virtual resources are remotely-based support professionals that handle the day-to-day management of projects, operations, and team members. In a nutshell, they synchronize and manage the different aspects of your business while you channel your attention towards growing it.

Here are some areas where they can assist:

  • Data and document management
  • Project management
  • Overseeing team coordination
  • Creating standard operating procedures
  • Scheduling and managing appointments
  • Social media management
  • Email marketing
  • Industry and competitor research
  • Managing customer relations

These are only some of the task-related benefits, here is how you can turn your business around.

Grow your business

1. Focus on what matters
With a virtual resource focusing on core operations, you find the time and bandwidth to focus on high-growth areas of the buiness.

2. Don’t miss opportunities
With a virtual resource that focuses on crucial business, you have time to take on future projects, more business, more growth.

3. Keep the ship sailing smoothly
A virtual resource works proactively managing business operations, even if you are not there, keeping your ship sailing. They will systematize business operations by creating standard procedures and uniform processes, and training team members.

4. Efficiently handled business operations
With lots of non-skill-intense tasks involved in running a business from day to day, these can slow down your output delivery. You will not have to worry with managing daily operations, paying contractors or invoicing clients.

Effective co-ordination

1. Smooth project management
Let a virtual resource take over project management while you do what you are best at. This will also allow your business to take on several projects at a time.

2. Simple communication flows
To administer a business as smoothly as possible, clear communication is the key. However, it is important that communication be clear not just with clients but also within the business. When you hire a virtual resource you have someone you trust that can do this for you.
Optimal use of time

3. More time on your hands
Having a virtual resource on board allows you to save your most precious asset – time.

4. Pick up pace
A virtual resource performs tasks you need help with, in a timely manner, allowing your business to pick up pace.

5. More time = More money
More time on your hands will not just help your personal well-being but will also provide greater profits. With more time comes the opportunity to scale your business, expand your customer base, and ultimately boost your revenue.

6. Get more things done
A virtual resource will be able to handle tasks that unnecessarily intrude upon your time. Moreover, there are several tasks that you may not hold the expertise for. It makes good business sense to let someone else take over to get time back and get more things done.

Daily task assistance

1. Clear the clutter
To keep your documents and data organised in such a manner that it is readily accessible when you need it.

2. Keep operations under control
It is impossible for you to oversee everything. Rather than wait for a huge crisis to come crashing down, get some much-needed help in running daily operations.

3. Social media presence
It is necessary for businesses today, to have a social media presence. This is an area that demands dedicated energy and time. A virtual resource can take care of your business’ social media presence instead of doing it all by yourself.

Experience personal growth

1. Sound mental health
Any buiness owner will testify to the enormous anxiety and stress involved in running a business, especially initially. Make time for yourself, focus on your mental health, and ensure a balance between personal and work life.

2. Sharpen your focus
If you’re struggling to grow, it is time to ask yourself where things are going wrong. As an owner, it is important that you act as the leader and distance yourself from tasks of recurring nature. Hire a virtual resource to take care of such tasks while you sharpen your focus on realizing your business’ goals.

Save money

1. Reduce business costs
When you hire in-house, you incur the fixed costs of monthly salaries, benefits etc. But when you hire a virtual resource that works remotely, you end up saving on all such costs. Reduce your business’ monthly bills and go the remote way to save money.

With all these benefits why would you not look to hire a virtual resource for your learning and development business?

If you are interested to further understand how strategically, outsourcing can grow your buiness you may be interested in our BLOG ‘Growing your business by outsourcing’.

Does your learning and development business need to stop spinning those plates to allow you to do what you do best?

It costs nothing to have a chat. Tell us where you need help, it may be in areas of your business that you could outsource, freeing up time, easing your cash-flow and possibly solving your growth problems all-in-one.

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