Starting out

If I think back to when I was made redundant from Barclays in 2014, I had a few opportunities open to me at the time.

I had worked for Barclays for 13 years so initially I felt that I just needed some time to reflect and think about what the next stage of my journey might look like. 

My advice would be that if you have been in an organisation for some time, this will take time so it’s good to have options. Affectionately mine was known as taking the blue corporate jacket off and knowing that I could put it back on if I needed to.  

I remember a good friend of mine saying to me that I just needed to do what I did for Barclays for myself, though at the time I just wasn’t sure. 

My confidence was low and it wasn’t until later that I realised this was because of two reasons. Firstly my values didn’t align to theirs and secondly I am just not a corporate person.

One thing that I do believe in is fate and that everything happens for a reason. Our destinies are mapped out for us and that’s why we should embrace every opportunity that comes our way.


Finding the right path

For me I was looking at a couple of options, I was in the process of setting up my own business though I was also applying for employed and contracting roles.  My decision was made for me when a new client called me to ask for my help and that was when Wendy Johnstone Ltd came to life.

If I think back to this time, there were some virtual flexible working opportunities, though definitely not enough and in my experience it was the large corporate businesses who were the worst. I experienced a period myself where I had to be seen in the office as proof that I was working and I am sure you have too.

Though what businesses have now realised in 2020 is that not only is it possible to work virtually and remotely, but it can work really well too.


Flexibility for the contractor and the business

As my business is relatively small one of the main benefits I think we have over the larger ones is that we have the ability to be able to be flexible easily and with this we can adapt to change as it is thrown at us. 

My view is that this is so positive for anyone thinking of starting a business. In addition once things settle down you will see so many more flexible working opportunities.

What do you think?


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