It’s really important that if you are looking to create a scalable business that one of the important factors is about having a really great team.

Whether that be with the intention of hiring, implementing an associate model or outsourcing, owners tend to have difficulty accessing experienced professional resource.

Our tips to help with recruiting are:

1. Develop your company culture – be clear about your company’s brand and make sure yours is an ‘employer of choice’.

2. Creating a job description – be clear, accurate and very focused on what you want – but also on what you are going to offer.

3. Think about where to advertise your role – consider the types of people who will want to apply and where will you find these types of people.

4. Design your interview process – making it as robust as possible to ensure that you get the right person for the role.

5. Make sure you have a contract – invest in a good contract to set the frame at the outset, being really clear about the ground rules and probationary periods.

6. Making an offer and beyond – make sure that when you make the offer that all your documents are signed before you commence work/training.

For some business owners, recruitment isn’t where they want to spend their time, if they have time to spend! That’s where an experienced business support partner can step in and help.

We pride ourselves at Wendy Johnstone Ltd in providing professional resources at the right time, providing different skills to be able to adapt as your business grows. We facilitate business growth by knowing what works, our team has built a learning organisation that provides flexible resource and skills at the right time.

We partner with our clients and take the headache of recruitment away so that they can focus on the business strategy, the benefits being:

• Cost advantages
• Increased efficiency
• Time to focus on business strategy
• Access to skilled professional resources
• Faster and better service for clients

More information is available in our full guide: Access to Experienced Resources.

If you would welcome a discussion about how your business can access experienced resources cost-effectively, please contact Wendy.



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