It’s really important that if you are looking to create a scalable business that one of the important factors is about having a really great team.

Whether that be with the intention of hiring, implementing an associate model or outsourcing, owners tend to have difficulty accessing experienced professional resource. In our experience we have spoken to many business owners who have had issues. Its such a worry knowing what the right thing is to do and when.

With this in mind and our ethos being about helping businesses, we would like to share some of our tips to help you consider recruiting.

These tips are:

1. Develop your company culture – be clear about your company’s brand and make sure yours is an ‘employer of choice’. In our experience culture is so important and values will be the backbone of everything that you do.

2. Creating a compelling job description – be clear, accurate and very focused on what you want – but also on what you are going to offer. Here are a few tips to consider:
• Make titles as specific as possible. The more accurate your title, the more effective you will be in piquing the interest of the most qualified and interested job seekers.
• Open with a captivating summary. Provide an overview that gets job seekers excited about the role and the company.
• Include the essentials. Include core responsibilities, hard and soft skills, day-to-day activities, and explain how the position fits into the organisation.
• Keep descriptions concise. Job descriptions between 700 and 2,000 characters receive up to 30% more applications, according to Indeed Data.

3. Think about where to advertise your role – consider the types of people who will want to apply and where will you find these types of people. We have found that as our ideal associate is a working mum, who wants flexibility they tend to hang out on Facebook. For this reason, we used a well-established Facebook group called Flexible Working People. Consider your ideal employee and where you might find them.

4. Treat Candidates Like Customers – whether it’s a phone screening or an in-person interview, a candidate’s first impression of your buiness is critical. It’s important you make them feel you’re as excited about getting to know them as they are about being considered for the role. One of the best recruiting techniques is to treat interviewees the same way you treat your customers.

  • Be respectful of their time. Whether its a phone call, video conference or in-person meeting, always be sure to show up on time. If you are running late, let the candidate know as far in advance as possible.
  • Be hospitable. When a candidate arrives for an in-person interview, ask if they’d like something to drink and show them where to find the restrooms. Make them feel as welcome and comfortable as possible.
  • Make yourself available. Provide candidates with your contact information so they’re able to reach out with questions and concerns throughout the process.

5. Design your interview process – making it as robust as possible to ensure that you get the right person for the role. We now have a competency and a business line interview, which we do over the phone and in person. The reason we do this is because we have found that individuals do come across differently. Maybe this is something you need to consider?

6. The right documentation & due diligence – invest in a good contract to set the frame at the outset, being really clear about the ground rules and probationary periods. If you are just starting out on your recruitment journey, we suggest joining the Federation of Small Business (FSB). The FSB have contract templates that you can simply lift, add your logo to and drop. Otherwise, if you need something a little more robust and specific, speak to a HR Consultant within your network. In addition to a contract we would suggest having a team manual, which like the contract an HR Consultant will be able to help with.

In the litigious society in which we live you need to pursue every avenue to assure that the people you hire can do the job, contribute to your growth, and development and have no past transgressions which might endanger your current team.

In fact be careful, you might be liable if you failed to do a background check on a person who then attacked another employee in your workplace.

Finally make sure all documentation is signed before work commences.

For some business owners, recruitment is not where they want to spend their time, if they have time to spend! That’s where an experienced business support partner can step in and help.

We pride ourselves at Wendy Johnstone Ltd in providing professional resources at the right time, providing different skills to be able to adapt as your business grows. We facilitate business growth by knowing what works, our team has built a learning organisation that provides flexible resource and skills at the right time.

We partner with our clients and take the headache of recruitment away so that they can focus on the business strategy, the benefits being:

  • Cost advantages
  • Increased efficiency
  • Time to focus on business strategy
  • Access to skilled professional resources
  • Faster and better service for clients

More information is available in our full guide Access to Experienced Resources.

Would you like to discuss any of the points in this post?

Book a free 30 minute consultation. Tell us where you need help and we’ll tell you some of the solutions we could put in place for you.

We know that like many others we’ve worked with, we could make a difference to your business.

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