How would your business grow if you had time to think? To really think about turning your exciting business ideas into reality. Or time to expand an existing venture into something bigger than it is today?

We find many ambitious business owners struggle on their own with the distance between ‘where I’m at now’ versus ‘where I want to be.’ Moving to where you want to be may feel immense, or even out of reach.

So what’s holding your business back? Do these scenarios feel familiar?

  • I’m fed up with working ‘in’ and not ‘on’ my business
  • I have some great ideas but no capacity or capability to bring them to life
  • I’m frustrated because I don’t have enough time. Yet, I know I could expand my business, products and/or services. Though I’m stuck as I need to continue working to keep the income flowing in
  • I want to be more proactive with my business planning

We hear these scenarios on a regular basis, we find the foundation to addressing them is to look at the business processes. We believe its like building a house, you wouldn’t build a house without creating foundations – it’s a no brainer! Business owners are usually too involved in their businesses to realise this, that’s why it takes either an expert or time away to get a clear perspective.

We regularly hear motivated business owners say that whilst they were away, or during a session with a Business Coach, they realised that things needed to change. This ‘time out’, helped them recognise that if they had more strategic thinking time, supported by the right experts, that their business could become a gold mine.

Blocks in your business

One of the main issues for business owners is that they struggle with several challenges. This happens, even though they are aware that outsourcing could dramatically tackle both these issues.

  • Delegating – in our opinion, not delegating is the biggest blocker to a successful business growing from strength to strength. However, this word may fill you with fear and flag up all kinds of trust issues for you. You are only human! You can’t do it all – even though you know how too! However, a clever rethink can help you see delegating as a positive. Notably, you can focus on what you do best: the work that generates the most income.
  • Distractions – do you find that you get involved with the ‘nitty gritty’ of business operations? You probably do, as it’s what you’ve always done. Plus, you know how to get things done and you want to make sure they’re addressed in the right way. We can understand this. In our view, implementing robust and efficient processes that everyone can work with and use easily is crucial for a lucrative business. Also, a by-product of this is peace of mind. Not only will you feel a sense of relief and confidence, you’ll have time to concentrate on running your business and planning its future direction.
  • Lack of Time – are you working on the business or in the business? For business owners, the answer is often both. You are the one responsible for executing business plans and winning new business, but you might also be answering the phones, filing the paperwork, and booking meetings. The smaller your business, the more tasks you’re likely to have. This time crunch can be difficult to manage and can cause important matters to fall through the cracks. Assessing the processes and tasks in your business can help you understand what you need to do and what you don’t need to do, as it can be done by someone else.
  • Difficulties Balancing Growth and Quality – it’s a common story: one day you’re celebrating landing a big client, and the next day you’re struggling to keep up with the new client’s needs. For small businesses, growth often comes with growing pains. In many instances, you must make the choice between working long hours—and asking your team to do the same—or finding ways to cut corners. Neither is a great solution, meaning that, ultimately, you will have to find a way to grow your business without hurting your business. We work with many clients who have this challenge, the solution is to look at your processes. Your processes will highlight what needs to be done in the business and opportunities for improvement and automation.

Unlock your time to solve your business blocks

More importantly, overcoming these barriers will give you space to think about how you will turn your exciting plans for your business into reality. You’ll have time to make things simpler and easier. This will transform your business, revolutionising the way your business operates.

The key to unlocking these blocks is finding a trusted outsourcing partner. One that understands how you feel. Similarly, one that takes time to work with you to create and implement a plan that works for your business.

What would it mean to you if your confidence and capacity could double or even triple?

WJL can help by fitting into your operations seamlessly and expertly. We offer a bespoke service built on relationships, creating trust, solving problems and achieving your business goals.
If lack of time is the biggest block for your business, we can help give you more strategic space to think!

Would you like space to think about the future of your business?

If you would like a free 30 min consultation to find out how we can make sure you have space and time to think about your business, please contact us.

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