Do I need to make a time commitment about how many hours I need my Virtual Operations Manager at the outset?

To make sure we ring-fence the number of hours you need from us, we ask for an estimate of how many hours you need. We can review and evolve this regularly with you.

Once agreeing to support from a Virtual Operations Manager do I need to sign a contract?

Yes once we have agreed the number of hours monthly that you need, we have a contract that we ask you to sign before we start working together.

How does the ‘pay-as-we-work’ concept work?

Your dedicated Virtual Operations Manager will use mobile technology to track the amount of time she/he works for you. We will just invoice you for the hours worked, rounded up to the nearest 15 minute increment.

When will I be invoiced for my Virtual Operations Manager and what are the terms?

You will be issued with an invoice at the end of every month, the payment terms are 14 days.

What hours will my Virtual Operations Manager work?

Core hours are 9am – 5pm weekdays, anything outside of this will need to be agreed with your virtual resource and will be charged at time and a half.

How much does it cost to have a Virtual Operations Manager?

Our prices start from £40 per hour plus VAT.

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