What are the steps to successfully running a business?

  • Communication?
  • Consistency?
  • Transparency?
  • Trust?

At Wendy Johnstone Ltd, we feel there is another key step to this formula: how we work together. In our experience, the way we work together as partners is crucial to successfully achieving your goals. With this in mind, the working partnerships that we have with our clients is incredibly important to us.

Trust and honesty

An effective relationship is built on trust and honesty. These are critical foundations and the moment that they aren’t there, it becomes very difficult to work together. We pride ourselves on working hard with our clients to make sure that these foundations are maintained at all times. Being ‘open, honest and transparent at all times’ is absolutely vital to successful working relationships.

Steps to success

It’s also important to remember that within business relationships we are still people working with other people. In essence, we work together with you to achieve a common goal, whilst at the same time enjoying the journey.

Here are our steps to success:

  • Clear communication – agreeing the ‘who’, ‘what, ‘when’ and ‘how’. Plus we’re jargon-free!
  • Consistency & transparency – everyone knows where they stand and you’ll receive updates along the way, with no surprises.
  • Complete trust – mutual respect, confidence, expertise and knowledge. Along with achieving results and seamless integration.
  • Partnership – a trusted business partnership – we treat your business as our own.

In brief, we seamlessly fit into your organisation and quickly become an integral part of the team. Feel reassured that when we work together, you are in safe hands and you can trust our expertise. Equally, we remove your business pains and ensure that your plans are executed skilfully and effortlessly.

No regrets

Wendy Johnstone, Founder of Wendy Johnstone Ltd says: “Ultimately, your confidence in our expertise and abilities is the absolute centrepiece – and creating a rich sustainable partnership forms a crucial part of business success. Without a good relationship with solid foundations then this just wouldn’t be possible.

“Though I find that many of our clients have regrets. We often hear them say: “We wish we had come to you 6 months ago, you have revolutionised the way my business operates.”

Wendy explains: “It saddens me to hear this, as I know that we have the tools and abilities to help ambitious business owners succeed. I encourage you to get in touch and find out how we can ease your business growing pains.

“Our skilled Virtual Operations Managers are experts in the field of strategic project management. Working together with you in a partnership, we can help you to delegate, use your time more productively, be more strategic with your operations, streamline your systems and focus on working on your business and not in it – all in all to achieve better results.”

Thank you

At WJL, we love what we do and the partnership approach we create and experience with our clients. So, we’d like to take this opportunity to say a big “thank you” to all of our clients!

Get in touch and find out how we can help you to realise the ambitions for your business.

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