What are the benefits of a Virtual Operations Manager?

For a sustainable future, successful business owners recognise the importance of a robust working business model. A crucial part of the business model is to create a strategic framework for business growth. Running your business and working on your business strategy are equally important. However, are you able to dedicate sufficient time, focus and energy to do both at the same time? And have you considered the impact that this could this have on your business, credibility and your personal health?

You may find that outsourcing to an expert Virtual Operations Manager offers many benefits and solutions:

Capacity to strategically grow through associates

As a business owner you essentially become every role that is required for a business, including but not limited to: sales, trainer, recruiter, marketer, developer… let’s be honest the list is endless.

However, there is a danger with trying to do it all:

  • You’re so busy that you’ve had no time to reflect on how much your business has grown.
  • You’ve not even noticed that you are nearly at full capacity and you’ll have to turn clients away very soon.
  • You’ve got no time to raise your head above water to consider your options and be more strategic.
  • You can’t remember the last time you had a day-off, or spent quality time with your friends and family.

If you’re serious about growing strategically then investing in associate partners is certainly a viable option. A dedicated partner can create a strategic framework to help you grow your business and regain your work-life balance. Furthermore, they can help you with constructing an associate model for you.

Building solid foundations for success

Running a successful business needs strong foundations. Solid foundations can fundamentally create long-term success, business growth and establish a foothold in your sector. If your goal is to build a scalable business with a solid infrastructure, then identifying specialist associates to fill the gaps could be fundamental.

Hiring the right people is critical to the success of your business. But, finding the right person can be difficult, as well as being a long drawn-out process. Plus getting them up to speed can take time and time is something that you are probably very short of.

A Virtual Operations Manager could be the answer to your problem. They can help you to create a customised associate model, this includes identifying your associate avatars. They will review the skills and experience you need, along with the personality traits to fit you and your business. Your associate model will help you understand the person or people that you are looking for and it will also establish how you might find your potential associates.

A system and process to protect your business

It’s important to remember that an associate will represent your brand, therefore investing time and money at the beginning, will help safeguard you and your business. Protecting your business is paramount and can be done by:

  • Considering the activities that need to be completed by the associate.
  • Review any systems and processes that the associate needs to be aware of.
  • Producing a job description for the associate.
  • Creating a project plan for the associate, which includes deliverables, milestone and activities.

If you’re not sure where to start, then a Virtual Operations Manager can help with all of the aspects mentioned above.

Ultimately, this means that the day-to-day work will carry on smoothly and efficiently. Thus giving you the time to focus on your client’s needs and keeping your work-life balance in check.

A structure that grows with your business

As your business grows, then you may find that your processes and systems will need to have the ability to grow with you. You may even out-grow some of them altogether.

In this case, outsourcing to an expert partner means that they can continually review, recommend and implement process improvements. They can guide you with every transition to the next stage. In essence, you will be supported every step of the way.

Here’s how we helped a successful business owner take control of his work-life balance

A Learning and Development business owner had reached a critical stage. He was implementing an associate model to grow his business. This, in itself, is a project for a dedicated resource and at the same time, he was trying to run his business.

When we mention that he was at a ‘critical stage’, his business had taken off however his work became his life. Whilst he was on holiday he would be writing proposals. His weekends and evenings were taken up with day-to-day admin tasks. He had no life outside of his business.

One day his business coach asked him an interesting question: ‘how would it look to his clients, that he was completing lots of transactional tasks and how that it may affect his credibility.’ It was at this moment that he realised he needed help and contacted us to be his expert partner.

With the help of our dedicated Virtual Operations Manager, we devised a system & process tailored to his business model, along with a project plan. After implementing his bespoke system & processes, he started to claw back his personal life and had a fresh outlook with his business. Furthermore, he started to delegate tasks and as a result, had the headspace to consider his business strategy. As well as time to build a solid infrastructure, to plan for sustainable business growth.

About our Virtual Operations Managers

Our skilled Virtual Operations Managers can prevent this from happening to you. We can review what your business needs from recruitment to onboarding & induction, to operations management and process & systems. Furthermore, this will save you time, give you your life back and grow your business.

We understand that every business is different and so are our Virtual Operations Managers. We pride ourselves on safeguarding your business, so you can be assured that we vet all our or Virtual Operations Manager’s meticulously.

Getting to know your business is our business, which is why we conduct in-depth conversations with you, as this enables us to fully understand your business and what is needed. We will also provide you with a high-level project plan, which includes deliverables, milestone and activities. Along with creating the processes and documentation that is required.

Our process then matches the Virtual Operations Manager to you and the needs of your business. Prior to working together, we invite you to a ‘chemistry’ meeting. We find that this is a great way to get to know one another.

The benefit for you and your business is that you are in safe hands, as we are by your side every step of the way.

We would love to have a chat and see how we can ensure you have a great work-life balance. Give us a call on 07721 500048 or email wendy@wendyjohnstoneltd.co.uk.

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