Virtual Assistant (VA) Training

Setting up your own VA business that works, giving you the business you want.

Successfully achieve a flexible income

You are thinking about making an important step and becoming self-employed but just don’t know where to start.

Setting up your own business isn’t easy, though we can assure you, the rewards when you get it right will make all of the hard work worth it. Whatever stage of the journey you are at our aim is to help and support you.

Here at Wendy Johnstone Ltd its important for us to help as many people as possible by sharing all of the things we have learn’t along the way to ensure you don’t make the same mistakes. We are passionate about giving you the best possible start.

Who is Wendy Johnstone?

Wendy is a passionate and dynamic award winning business woman who has built Wendy Johnstone Ltd. a successful business quickly. Wendy prides herself in not only supporting businesses at all stages of the growth cycle through working mums looking for flexible opportunities in Hertfordshire.

Wendy has always known that she was capable of doing more, experiencing more and earning more. With the right support Wendy has successfully grown her business and now has a team of Ambassadors who work with her.

Would you like to be in Wendy’s shoes?

We have created a FREE guide to help you get set-up so that you can successfully achieve a flexible income.
It contains lots of helpful hints and tips so if you are interested  click to sign up.

Here are some quotes from some of Wendy’s clients:

“Wendy genuinely wants to be of value.”

“Wendy is such a likeable, calm person who I feel comfortable working with.”

“Wendy is utterly trustworthy and reliable.”

“Wendy has awesome organisational skills. I have complete confidence in her ability. She knocks it out the park.”

“Wendy is vested in our business, such as “we” not “you”, “our” not “your” – not at all distant although she’s virtual.”

Interested to see how we can also make you money or protect your business?

Interested to learn more about the services we provide?

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