The biggest challenges that owners of small and growing businesses face is that they work every hour of the day. Whilst, simultaneously thinking about how they can increase capacity. Though, there are not enough hours left in the day to achieve everything! Generally, this also means that if they take a holiday, they are still managing emails. Or even worse, they don’t take a holiday at all.

In our experience, smart business owners recognise that an efficient Virtual Assistant can remove those admin tasks that take your time and cost you money.

Wendy Johnstone, Founder of Wendy Johnstone Ltd, was recently speaking with an Executive Coach about this very topic:

Wendy asked: “what’s your hourly rate?”

The coach replied: “£375.00 per hour.”

Wendy added: “why are you booking appointments in your diary, when a Virtual Assistant could be handling this for you – at £35.00 per hour?

“Have you considered that you could be using your time more productively? By enlisting the support of a Virtual Assistant, you would have extra time to work with more clients and earn more money. You could also take a break.

“Wouldn’t this make your life easier?”

A Virtual Assistant is a no brainer

The Wendy Johnstone Ltd team fits into your business quickly and easily. We understand that you have probably worked alone for some time and that you’re super self-sufficient. By the same token, we appreciate that you may not be able to imagine what your business might look like with someone helping you.

Professional people working togetherFor us at WJL, the support and benefits that a skilled Virtual Assistant can give you is a no brainer. Plus, we find many clients say to us: “why didn’t I do this sooner?”

We will:

  • Guide you through the process.
  • Listen to how you are feeling.
  • Be patient and help you every step of the way.

Why wouldn’t you at least give it a try? It could be life changing for you and your business.

Find out how our expert Visual Assistants can help save you time and money.

Would you like a free, no obligation consultation for 30mins?

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