Are you a successful business owner who consistently finds that at the end of the day, the week, or the month, you say to yourself: “why haven’t I achieved any strategic activities that will help me to grow my business?”

Does your time constantly filter away like sand?

Do you feel like you have been working hard although not doing anything specific?

Do you struggle to find time to think about growing and future-proofing your business?

In our experience, the two main reasons why business owners feel this way is because they struggle with delegating and distraction. Here’s why:


When it comes to your own business, you may find that you become quite possessive and more of a control freak than you have ever been before. It’s understandable! You have worked hard to build your business. Furthermore, giving the personal touch to your clients and making sure they are well looked after is paramount. With this in mind, you feel that the best person to do this is you. It’s your business and this makes perfect sense!


It’s true to say that distractions are a time-zapper, if not managed carefully. One of the biggest distractions for business owners are emails. As you well know, when they drop into your inbox, curiosity is the driving force. So you take a peak and maybe even respond to some of them. However, jobs that you think will take 5 minutes, end up taking twice as long – as it’s not just about the email, it’s the activities associated with the message. For example, you may need to book a room for a meeting or check where the client is based to see if you can get there in time.

In both of these cases, are you really using your time wisely? Have you considered that your time could be better spent elsewhere in your business? Do you agree that having space to think will help your business succeed?

Use your time wisely to achieve more

Overcoming these challenges will give you time to think – really think! You will get more time to think about the future of your business, products and/or services. Plus – this additional thinking space can help you to ensure that every day is more productive and efficient.

WJL can help by fitting into your business seamlessly and expertly. We step in and look after your day-to-day administration activities. This gives you the confidence and capacity to divert your attention to running your business. You secure the time to complete those important strategic tasks. Our professional team is specialist at building relationships, creating trust and solving problems.

Find out how to use your time wisely to grow and future-proof your business.

Would you like a free, no obligation consultation for 30mins?

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