Hello my friends.

It’s been a while so I thought an update was long overdue on my part, so much has happened in such a very short amount of time and doesn’t time fly!

As you know when I left Barclays I went off into the sunset with a plan to set-up a Virtual Assistant business, which I did with great success. What very quickly started to happen was that I was getting requests for work based on my skillset as a Project Manager, which for me was great. As time went on these types of requests continued to come in and the service has grown around me, to the point where I was getting more of these requests than those for Virtual Assistant Support.

To embrace my client’s requests I have recently updated my brand to offer a new service – Virtual Operations Support. We provide Virtual Operations Managers to Learning and Development businesses who either unexpectedly grow very quickly or need to have the foundations in place to be able take their business to the next level to seriously grow. It’s been a really exciting time, not only have I found a niche in the market but I now have a team of Associates who work with me.

To give you a flavour for the types of things a Virtual Operations Manager does I have created a case study which I would like to share with you.

Case Study – Wendy’s Client

I was approached by a successful business owner who was transitioning to an Associate Model. With an established reputable brand and existing database of clients, he was great at what he did though was struggling managing the operation. Working weekends to try and keep up had become the ‘norm’ along with taking client proposals on holiday – he needed some help desperately.

What was needed was someone who could manage the operation including him and everything back of house. We had a CRM database that was not being used to its full potential, I logged all our opportunities and set up a process for Business Development, keeping track of all the opportunities and making sure we were following up with proposals and keeping in touch. Within three months we saw the pipeline increase by 30%. I set up processes to ensure the operation is managed effectively with rhythm and routine, from client payments to logistics for programmes to evaluation. I oversee a team of Associates making sure they are set up for success at all times. I have also designed and built a forecasting tool that confirms for the next 12 months what the income will be after costs.

We have taken the business to the next the next level in a very short amount of time and due to significant growth I will be providing a Virtual Assistant to do part of the role that I used to do. My role moving forward is to focus on being a strategic Operations Manager which includes Marketing, Recruitment, Supplier Reviews and Process Improvement to list just a few!

I have an exciting offer that I will be sharing soon, so if anything I have talked about above resonates with you, watch this space. If you can’t wait then don’t hesitate to get in touch by giving me a call on 07721 500048 or emailing me at wendy@wendyjohnstoneltd.co.uk.

Wendy Johnstone


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