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Reduce your workload, decrease your working hours, improve your work/life balance.

Work 4 days instead of 5

A professional services client wanted to reduce the number of days he was spending in the office from 5 to 4 days so that he could work 1 day remotely from home. The reason he could not do this was because there were no systems in place to allow this to happen.

We initially documented all of the operational steps so that we could establish how the business currently operated. Once this was complete we identified an off the shelf cost effective system that we could tailor based on the steps.

After being set-up and tested this allowed the client to be able to flexibly work from home as per his original brief on the 4 days he wanted to work.

Workload reduction from 2 days to 0.5 days

We recently had a project with a growing business who wanted to systematise their accounting processes. The client had a Bookkeeper who was spending around 2 days a week manually creating invoices and doing the books.

After researching systems available we set-up XERO, working with the Bookkeeper to ensure all the information was transitioned across correctly.

As a result this same work now takes 0.5 day per week, a reduction of 1.5 days and the added bonus being the client saved £5K per year

No more evening and weekend work

An entrepreneur approached us looking to reduce the amount of time she was having to work in the evenings and at weekends.

Very quickly we established that she was trying to do everything in her business, be the expert coach, deal with enquiries, creating and processing invoices, the list was long. One of the questions I asked her to consider was her average hourly wage. At this point I highlighted the difference between £300 and the cost of an effective Virtual Assistant at £35 per hour. The benefit being that if we outsourced everything that she wasn’t an expert in, we could free up her evenings and weekends to ensure she just did what she did best when she wanted to.

After signing up the client now has a better work/life balance.

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How we do it

We know from experience that no client is the same, though it’s important we provide all clients with a consistent approach. Once we have done a discovery deep dive to fully understand the challenge, we propose a tailored option & assign a flexible resource if its needed.

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