Review and Implement Process


Who is this for?

  • In need of some structure and process?
  • Want to set up foundations before you are too busy?
  • Need to be able to scale-up quickly?

What’s included?

  • Half day meeting to understand your requirements
  • Review your existing processes
  • Identify improvement ideas and efficiencies

Ongoing help available to:

  • Create a project plan
  • Implement improvement ideas
  • Review and update

Further information?

Interested to see how your dedicated Project Manager will help?

If you need some ongoing help from a dedicated Project Manager:

How your dedicated Operations Manager will help.

Review to include:

Establishing existing processes.

Our signature package, this is where we can do a full deep dive into your existing processes and transform what you do.

We will review your existing processes, this will need to be a face to face meeting, where we have opportunity to ask you questions about your needs.

We will complete a full deep dive to fully understand what you have and any additional processes you may need.

We will confirm at the end of the session, when we will be in touch with our documented findings.

Reviewing existing processes.

We will then go away to review what you currently have and research new options.

We will use our expertise of working with businesses to think about what changes will truly transform what you do.

We will also consider new technology and apps, to help support what you do.

Creating improvement ideas.

As part of our thinking we will consider systems and automation.

The benefit being to save you time and where processes touch clients to create professionalism and consistency.

The aim is to ensure your business runs efficiently with or without you.

Presenting and proposing.

We will document our proposed improvement options for you along with adding the benefits, this will include:

    • ways to streamline your existing processes
    • suggestions on how to mitigate risk

We will also suggest the best options based on our experience.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you.

Ongoing help available to: 

Create a project plan.

Once we have agreed the improvement ideas we will create a high level project plan.

The plan will include deliverables, milestone and activities, the next step is to explore who will be involved and what their responsibilities will be.

We will help you to think about who needs to be involved and what they will be responsible for, it may just be your Virtual Operations Manager and you to begin with.

Its important to make sure that you are realistic about what you can do yourself, as you still need to manage your new business.

Once the project plan is fully complete we will share with you for sign off before starting work.

Implement improvement ideas.

Your dedicated Virtual Operations Manager will be able to manage your project plan and make sure activities are being completed.

We do take a very active role in supporting our business owners to make things happen.

The benefit to you will be that you can have piece of mind that you are making progress and things are on track.

With the experience of a Virtual Operations Manager, they will be able to manage any risks and issues, then you don’t need to worry.

Once implemented your new systems and processes will be tested, these will not be operationalised until they work properly.

Provide progress updates.

Your Virtual Operations Manager will complete and email a Weekly Update at the end of each week.

The purpose of the Weekly Update is to share with you an updated Project Plan & Risks and Issues Log.

We will confirm if activity is on track or at risk of going off track & why.

Any urgent issues will be flagged as part of this process via email.

As the Business Owner this ensure that you have full visibility and control at all times.

“Wendy designed a new flat Dropbox structure, contract templates, a client log and finance tracking system to a high standard. Her technical and organisational skills were strong in bringing structure to our business processes.”

 Dr Tara Swart – The Unlimited Mind

Need some help with this package?

If you’re at the start-up phase of your business then we know that you’ll have a lot of questions.

You may find some of the answers that you are looking for in our frequently asked questions. If not, why not contact us to ask us directly.

We’re really approachable and here to help. Don’t be worried that you might be asking an obvious question about starting up your business, in our experience, no question is out of place.

**Note – depending on your geographical location, we may use Skype if meeting face to face is not an option.

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