Ready for Online Accounting


Who is this for?

  • Grown out of your Excel spreadsheet?
  • Ready for an online accounting platform?
  • Need better visibility of your businesses finances?

What’s included?

  • Implementing an online platform
  • Populating the online accounting platform
  • Establish processes

Ongoing help available to:

  • Create/issue invoices/purchases
  • Process expense receipts and mileage
  • Create management accounts

Further information?

Interested to see how your dedicated Project Manager will help?

If you need some ongoing help from a dedicated Project Manager:

How your dedicated Operations Manager will help.

Set-up to include:

Implementing an online accounting system.

For any growing business transitioning to an online accounting platform is a no brainer, the benefits far out way the small monthly cost.

Firstly we will discuss with you what your needs are, to establish the best online platform for your business.

We will then look at what needs to be done, you will need to connect us with your Bookkeeper and/or Accountant, so that we can partner them and include them in the process.

A high level plan will be created covering what needs to be done and when, this will be shared as working with the Bookkeeper and/or Accountant is critical to the projects success.

Populating the online accounting system.

Once the online system has been fully implemented we will input the respective company information.

We will need your support to set-up the automatic bank feed, from your bank account, this will help provide an up to date financial position.

At this point we will create email templates, set-up invoicing and add your conversion balances.

We will also review your Nominal Ledger codes to ensure they reflect your business needs and amend if needed whilst working closely with your Bookkeeper and/or Accountant whilst we do this.

Once all this activity is completed your online accounting system is ready to go.

Setting up and creating processes.

One benefit of using an online accounting platform is the functionality it offers, to allow you to do everything in one place.

We can ensure that you have processes set-up for payroll, expense receipts, VAT and Management Accounts ready for your Bookkeeper and/or Accountant to manage.

We will also test the system and ensure that the automatic bank feed is all working correctly.

Training to get you going.

Before we leave you to be fully in control of your new online accounting system, we will ensure you know how it works.

We will set-up a 2 hour training session to take you through all the key areas and how you use them.

If after our session you still feel like its too much, chat to us about some ongoing support.

Don’t feel like you are on your own, it may be better use of your time to outsource to a Virtual Operations Manager, so you can focus on what you do best!

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you.

Ongoing help available to:

Manage invoices and purchases.

We can set-up a process where we can create all of your sales invoices for you as and when they need sending out to clients.

Once created we will send the invoice to the client and chase as and when required.

Many small businesses struggle with cashflow and the benefit to you is that invoices will be paid timely which will ease cashflow issues.

We can also set-up a process where we can add all of your purchases to the online accounting system, this will help provide an up to date financial position.

Reconcile transactions.

Once your automatic bank feed is set-up, transactions from your bank account & credit cards will feed through to your online system straight away.

The benefit is that bank transactions can be reconciled to invoices & purchases straight away.

We can do this for you to ensure your financial position is always up to date, it’s a quick and easy job.

Populate online accounts system.

Fed up of lots of paper receipts that need to be scanned?

We can ensure that you are connected to a tool that allows you to scan receipts straight away and throw them in the bin.

All expense claims can then feed through to your online accounting system, approved and processed.

“Wendy has already found her vocation – being in service of making things work for others, lifting the burden of the mundane and doing it with skills, flair and complete accuracy! In fact she acts more like COO and CFO rolled into one – to describe her as an assistant is insulting however that is what she does assists in making our lives smoother each and every day. With her help we effectively run 4 companies across the globe : one in the South West of England, one in UK and Europe, one for Africa and one for the rest
of the world.”


Need some help with this package?

Even if you’re an established business, we know that you’ll have a lot of questions.

You may find some of the answers that you are looking for in our frequently asked questions. If not, why not contact us to ask us directly.

We’re really approachable and here to help. Don’t be worried that you might be asking an obvious question about starting up your business, in our experience, no question is out of place.

**Note – depending on your geographical location, we may use Skype if meeting face to face is not an option.

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