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Increase turnover and provide expert partners with solutions when you need them.

Increased turnover by 45% in 12 months

We were approached by a business owner who wanted to increase annual turnover by 30% in the first 12 months with a long term plan to sell.

We established a plan to set-up an associate model, which included recruitment, induction, continued professional development and steps to define how we would operate. Within 6 months we had delivered against the plan and within the first 12 months we increased turnover by 45%.

Increase income per client from £5K to £30K

We are experts at working with training businesses and one in particular engaged with us to look at how they could increase income per client from £5000 to £25000.

With an existing catalogue of training workshops, initially we worked in partnership to create a bespoke programme. Once created we set up the steps to be able to manage the different parts of the programme and the system that would allow us to track what had been done. This included email communications, training materials, booking associates, invoicing and evaluation.

As a result the average income per client has increased to £30000 which smashed our original target.

Increase sales pipeline by 30% in 6 weeks

We work with lots of clients who don’t have a process to manage their sales pipeline effectively.

With this client we set-up a process to ensure that all leads are collated in a Client Relationship Management (CRM) system and then followed up. A common mistake for many businesses, this was a relatively quick fix for us as the client had a CRM though didn’t have any data in it.

Within 6 weeks active leads in the sales pipeline had increased by 30%.

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How we do it

We know from experience that no client is the same, though it’s important we provide all clients with a consistent approach. Once we have done a discovery deep dive to fully understand the challenge, we propose a tailored option & assign a flexible resource if its needed.

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