An effective lead generation system and process creates increased sales

When you receive a sale, you could easily spend every waking moment ensuring that it is delivered quickly and efficiently, your priority being to keep your business running. However, with the focus solely on sales, you may not have factored time in your working week for an effective lead generation system & process, which could be costly to your business.

Here’s how to combat this common issue:

Develop a highly effective week

Spend 3 days per week on delivering your service, a day for admin and a day for business development. Setting a realistic weekly plan increases your productivity. It can also help to prioritise your workload, manage your time and stay on track with your projects.

A system & process is vital for your business

For your allocated business development day, your first step is to create an effective system and a robust process to support it. It’s important to structure your day to consist of a mixture of activities. This could include writing proposals, one-to-one meetings with connections and most importantly, reviewing your pipeline.

Keep your pipeline boiling

Implement a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System. A CRM system is essential as it keeps all of your contacts and opportunities in one place. It also enables you to manage the status of your business relationships, as well as the information associated with them.

Once the CRM system is in place, the next step is the process. The main intention of the process is to ensure that leads are reviewed and updated on a regular basis. One of the biggest missed opportunities that you can make is not following up potential leads.

This winning combo means you are able to deliver your service, whilst working on keeping your pipeline warm simultaneously.

Our bespoke system & process boosted sales by 20%

Here’s how we helped one of our client’s increase their organic sales and surpass their target of 20%…

A Learning & Development company had aspirations to significantly grow their business. Their target was to increase sales by 20% on a year-by-year basis. This is an ambitious target for any organisation, though by no means is it not achievable.

After 6 weeks of implementing a bespoke system & process, we saw the pipeline increase by 30%. In the same way a shoot takes time to grow, so does your pipeline. It took just 1 year for the business to grow organically and to hit the sales target of 20%.

It’s a simple equation: System plus process equals increased sales!

Who we help

Many businesses recognise the value of having a process and system in place. However, in our experience, we find that they don’t have resources or the skills to implement this. Businesses also know that their time is more valuable working for their clients, so outsourcing can be a more cost-effective solution.

If you have similar aspirations for your business, we would love to have a chat and see how we can help you.

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