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Who is this for?

  • Need a process to manage contacts and leads?
  • Need everything in one place?
  • Ready for a Client Relationship Management (CRM) database?

What’s included?

  • A conversation to understand your needs
  • Creating a process for business development
  • Setting up and populating your CRM
  • Input your CRM with up to 25 entries

Ongoing help available to:

  • Manage day-to-day enquiries
  • Update your CRM
  • Review opportunities and follow-up

Further information?

Interested to see how your dedicated Project Manager will help?

If you need some ongoing help from a dedicated Project Manager:

How your dedicated Operations Manager will help.

Support to include:

Understanding requirements.

Before we start its important to understand what you need from a Client Relationship Management system (CRM).

We will then discuss how you want to work with your CRM, different businesses need different things at different stages.

You may decide that you would just like to use an Excel spreadsheet, there is nothing wrong with this, its what works best for you and your business.

We will then go away and research the best option for you, presenting you with our recommendation.


Set-up and implementation.

Once you have made your decision, we will set up and implement your CRM for you.

At this point this may involve you needing to download the CRM onto your machine, though this is something we will help you with.

We will make sure that categories are set-up so you have a structure in place, as you may want to categorise client types for marketing purposes.

Populating your CRM.

Once your CRM is set-up we will focus on ensuring that it gets fully populated with contacts (assumes up to 200 contacts in electronic format).

We will firstly make sure your contacts and their associated companies are added first.

We will then work with you to establish your business opportunities and then add them to the system.

Designing a bespoke process.

Its important to remember that there is no point in having a CRM if it doesn’t do anything for you, so its important to use it.

We will work with you to establish the best business development process for you.

As part of our initial conversation with you we will have established the best approach and the frequency.

We will then document the process and ensure that you are ready to go.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you.

Ongoing help available to: 

Provide support including:

Manage the ongoing process.

One of the benefits of working with a Virtual Operations Manager is they can give you the headspace to focus on your business.

We can provide the rhythm and routine for your business development and hold you to account.

The benefit of having rhythm and routine, is having time scheduled to ensure your pipeline is progressing and growing, whilst you are still delivering for your existing clients.

In our experience this works, we can schedule regular time and update the CRM for you, then you don’t have to worry.

Schedule regular calls.

One of the first things we will do based on your business needs is to agree a regular business development call.

Once agreed we will schedule these into the diary, to ensure that they happen.

As part of the business development calls we will review all of your business opportunities in your pipeline.

The benefit of reviewing each one, is that you look at when you last connected with the client and whether there are any actions.

All actions are captured ideally within your CRM, to make sure opportunities stay warm.

Keep up to date.

After each business development call the CRM is updated, if it hasn’t already been done whilst on the call.

All opportunities will be updated and any new opportunities will be added.

In addition as new opportunities are added, we will add new contacts for you too.

“In a very short amount of time Wendy revolutionised how my business operates both internally and in terms of client liaison. Within a couple of months of introducing a Business Development process, my business pipeline grew by 30%, all very simple but very effective. I have been impressed as a small business owner of 10 years myself, how quickly Wendy has established her own small business with clear direction and service offered in a short period of time. She is very clear about her strengths and how to play to them. This is evident in feedback I receive from my associates and clients and is a great reflection of Wendy’s business.”

Ben Houghton – Use Your Noggin Ltd

Need some help with this package?

Even if you’re an established business, we know that you’ll have a lot of questions.

You may find some of the answers that you are looking for in our frequently asked questions. If not, why not contact us to ask us directly.

We’re really approachable and here to help. Don’t be worried that you might be asking an obvious question about starting up your business, in our experience, no question is out of place.

**Note – depending on your geographical location, we may use Skype if meeting face to face is not an option.

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