Go Self-Employed!

What would you think if I could give you the confidence to try being self-employed? To make that distant dream that has always been there at the back of your mind a reality? To reassure you that you are not starting from scratch, that you already have some great foundations.

We find so many people are looking for a new role now and they can only consider one option, being employed. We understand that for some this is great and the right option for them. Though for others who are more ambitious, they are quite rightly tempted to try something new that being self-employment.

So, what is holding you back, which of these sounds familiar:

  • I am fed up with being employed though I feel there is no other option for me
    • Sue felt the same, always being overloaded with work. She decided if she was going to work it was better to work for herself under her own rules than be forced into working for someone else
  • I have always felt that I could run my own business though I just do not have the confidence
    • Claire was responsible for matching business requests to the right consultants with an overall spend of 5.6M. Doing this everyday why would you not feel confident?
  • If I went self-employed it would be like starting from scratch again and I do not know if I have the energy
    • Sophie had not realised that she already had the right skills and experience, she would just need to use them in a slightly different way
  • What would happen if I went self-employed and it did not work?
    • Jane realised that she just needed to have a plan b, which was that if it didn’t work, she would just find another job

We talk to many aspiring business owners and lack of confidence is the root cause for not taking the plunge. An interesting point being that after 6 months have not looked back. Given the choice they wouldn’t want to be in a position where they needed to go back to employment again.

On this basis, we recognise an important point. With the right support and guidance potential business owners are capable of setting up and creating the successful future businesses.

Interested in being your own boss?

To many people the idea of starting their own business is scary, often being a risk, few are willing to take. Nothing beats the freedom of being the boss, with it comes flexibility, to make your own schedule and not answer to anyone. This also means getting the satisfaction of making your own decisions. Starting your own business can be risky, but with that risk comes reward. Being self-employed or developing your own personal dream is a personal choice based on goals that one would like to achieve.

Here we explore some of the reasons people decide to be self-employed:

  • Opportunity – if you have ever had a great idea for a business, no doubt you have spent a great deal of time contemplating it. Not only the feasibility of the idea, but how to implement, and the opportunities that this could provide. Perhaps you are searching for independence or the opportunity to work closer to family, using your own ideas and decision-making skills
  • Independence – for many, the freedom to make their own decisions to advance their own ideas is the greatest reason for starting a business. In today’s economy, many who have been unemployed for a prolonged period are considering starting their own business to stay afloat
  • Challenge – making your own ideas or vision profitable is a great challenge that can keep your life exciting and interesting. Risk taking and the challenge to make a particular idea successful often drives some of the most innovative entrepreneurs

In addition, there are also many benefits which we explored in our earlier BLOG ‘Is self-employment right for me

How can self-employment be made easy?

What we would like you to do for a moment is to consider you. Think about your previous/current role, the skills that you built and the tasks that you used to complete.

To start lets us use me, a PRINCE 2 qualified Project Manager who’s never been a Personal Assistant (PA). When starting my Virtual Assistant (VA) business organisation was one of my core skills. It was therefore easy to transfer this across as one of my new services which was diary management.

Let’s take you in your current role, you are responsible for is creating and sending invoices to clients. Again, this is a service that you could offer clients within your VA business. It’s a skill you know already that you know you can do well – so it’s a no brainer!

You can see that with this in mind, there will be several things that you can do. This will give you a great foundation which will dictate the services you provide in your business. All you are doing is using the same skills that you used for your employer for you. With this in mind there is no reason why you would not be capable.

Are you feeling confident yet?

With this newfound information you are probably thinking, how can I do this, how can I make this happen? If so, you will be surprised as to how straightforward setting up a business can be. You have two options, you can either set yourself up as a Sole Trader or as a Limited Company. With the intention of making this easy for you, we share tips and advice in our BLOG ‘Company Set Up: limited company or sole trader? What’s right for my start-up?’ take a read.

The final point I would like to share is the importance of peer support. It is very lonely being self-employed, especially in the early days when you are not sure what you are doing. For me personally support was critical to my success.

For this reason, I offer a 45-minute discovery call to allow you to ask all of those questions that you think are probably silly though have been asked many times before.

We want to help you get off to a good start when you kick-off your VA buiness, if you are interested, please take a look.

Are you feeling a little more confident to take the first steps?

Hopefully you are. So why not start by joining the VA Society Facebook group using the link below and download my workbook for additional advice and tips.

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