During lockdown, many of us may have more time available (less travelling, only meeting online).

Are you using your time as wisely as possible? Work-Life balance is still vital and homeworking can take some getting used to.

Are you being as productive as you could be?

These steps should help – and are discussed in more detail in our free guide:

1. Track your time – it’s a real eye-opener and gives valuable opportunities to increase efficiency.

2. Consider outsourcing – this frees your time to do what you do best.

3. Look at adopting tech – automation can simplify repetitive tasks, save time and offer a better experience for customers and your team.

4. Set deadlines – setting deadlines for yourself can include completion dates as well as important milestones for longer-term projects.

5. Take a break – regular breaks can improve energy and concentration, ultimately saving time.

6. Keep meetings to a minimum – even though your meetings are online, only accept and schedule meetings that are needed.

7. Give delegation a try – you can still keep control, however now your business is scalable.

8. Take control of your email – reducing the volume and adjusting your notifications can win back a lot of time – every day!

It’s no secret that saving time has many benefits for businesses. And, some timesaving efforts have more advantages than others. Using the time-saving tips from above might allow you to:

  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce stress
  • Become more organised
  • Improve service, performance and quality
  • Complete more tasks more quickly

More information is available in our full guide: Saving Time.

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