There are a lot of inexpensive tech tools out there that can help your business, especially as you grow online marketplaces. We recommend thorough research and then small steps as you go live, ensuring that productivity grows, and your team adapts easily.

Our tips to help with adopting new tech are:

1. It’s cheaper than you think!
Research and planning help minimise the cost involved.

2. Be clear about your vision
This ensures that your new tech helps to bring your ambitions and plans to life.

3. Document your process first
This helps identify which part of your business process is most beneficial to automate – and what functionality you need your system to have.

4. De-Risk the process with careful project management
We recommend treating the introduction of your new tech like any other client project. It then gets the attention and energy to bring it to life – and starts working hard for you.

5. Consider hiring a project manager
A really great project manager will be able to oversee implantation of the system and partner with you to create the business processes that are needed initially.

6. Adopt a learning organisation approach
When thinking about implementing new technology it’s critical to consider training members of staff. A post implementation review and further follow-up identifies what’s working and what isn’t.

Tech can put some business owners off though for business owners with ambition it’s a no brainer. We hope our tips have helped you to think about this if you haven’t already done so, if you get it right the benefits will potentially give you:

  • Better reporting functionality
  • Increased team productivity
  • Improved business mobility
  • Encourages team collaboration
  • Better customer service

Would you like to know more?
You are welcome to download our full guide: Adopting New Tech

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